Help World’s Homeless Beyond Pandemic: Daily Brief

Business as usual isn’t good enough for world’s homeless; coronavirus pandemic has unleashed ‘tsunami of hate’; Libya war rages with civilians at risk, despite Covid-19; authorities in Bangladesh are fighting the virus by arresting... cartoonists; Hungary takes a giant leap backwards in protecting women from violence; Franco-era torturer dies of Covid-19 related causes; arms embargo on South Sudan must be renewed; and we can beat the virus only by protecting human rights.

If people living on the streets, in shelters, or in their cars are more vulnerable to an outbreak of highly communicable diseases like Covid-19, how can they effectively practice social distancing and self-isolate? How can they follow health recommendations if they have nowhere for hand-washing, laundry, and personal hygiene?

António Guterres, the Secretary General of the United Nations, has spoken out against the "tsunami of hate and xenophobias, capegoating and scare-mongering" during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Human Rights Watch has documented this phenomenon, for instance in the United StatesChina, India and Hungary.

The war in Libya keeps raging, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, with civilians at risk.

Many governments have unfortunately responded to the coronavirus crisis in counterproductive ways. One example is Bangladesh.

Another example of a country that is doing all the wrong things during the Covid-19 pandemic is Hungary, now sadly a dictatorship within the European Union.

'Billy The Kid', a notorious alleged torturer from the Franco-dictatorship era in Spain, has died of Covid-19 related causes.

The United Nations Security Council should prioritize the protection of civilians in South Sudan by renewing the arms embargo and strengthening the monitoring to better enforce it.