Jailed Kids and Covid-19: Daily Brief

Plus: an opportunity to advance rights in Iraq; Kyrgyzstan's supreme court doubles down on injustice; journalist violently attacked in Tajikistan; a new LGBT rights map for Europe; some good news from Italy; and the European Parliament debates Hungary's declaration of dictatorship. 

Many governments are not addressing the safety of detained children in their Covid-19 response. Available data indicates that the virus is spreading rapidly through closed facilities, including jails and prisons.

With the fighting against ISIS largely over, the Iraqi government and parliament have a new opportunity to advance fundamental rights.

The supreme court in Kyrgyzstan has upheld the bogus verdict against Azimjan Askarov, leaving the country's most prominent human rights defender behind bars and "dooming him to die in prison."

The media is literally under attack in Tajikistan. The latest target is journalist Abdulloh Ghurbati, who works for one of the few remaining independent media outlets in Tajikistan, Asia Plus.

When it comes to respect for LGBT rights in Europe, it's a mixed map...

When Hungary declared dictatorship six weeks ago, responses from EU and European national leaders were weak to non-existent. Today, a debate in the European Parliament could bring more pressure on them to act.