Non-Discrimination Law Needed in Japan: Daily Brief

When will Japan get a law against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity?; EU & UK denounce Myanmar violence at UN Security Council; a perfect storm is brewing in Burundi; lawsuit in United States over ‘remain in Mexico’ program secrecy; new campaign silences dissent in Tibet; maternity ward massacre in Afghanistan; spotlight on mental health impact of Covid-19; and HRW film festival in New York presents its first digital edition.

When will Japan get a law against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity? Ninety-six human rights and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) organizations, among them Human Rights Watch, have sent a letter to prime minister Shinzo Abe to do what is necessary before the 2021 Olympics. 

The United Kingdom and several member states of the European Union have denounced violence in Myanmar and expressed concern over the coronavirus pandemic in the country during a session of the United Nations Security Council.

A perfect storm is brewing in Burundi, before elections scheduled for Wednesday, May 20.

The so-called ‘Remain in Mexico’ program of the United States government has caused a humanitarian catastrophe, compelling thousands of people to live in camps along the border in dangerous and squalid conditions. 

 Chinese authorities in Tibet are using a new campaign to crack down on peaceful expression of dissenting opinions.

Hopes for peace in Afghanistan appear to be slipping away, after a series of violent incidents in the past week.

The Covid-19 pandemic is challenging the world’s mental health as never before. More than 200 experts, business leaders, renowned scientists and those working on the frontline from over 40 countries have released an open letter calling on world leaders to protect and scale up mental health support in all Covid-19 responses.

And HRW's Film Festival in New York (June 11-20) presents its first full digital edition of bold new films that will be available nationwide in the United States, in response to this time of crisis.