No Punishment for Amazon Forest’s Illegal Logging: Daily Brief

Albania bans conversion therapy; SADC should support Mozambique; free expression stifled by Kurdish authorities in Iraq; Zimbabwe opposition leaders might be prosecuted after they reported that they were abused; Pakistan ignores Covid-19; amplifying the voices of African LGBT people. 

In Brazil's Amazon, fines for illegal logging have been effectively suspended since October 2019, new research reveals.

Albania is the third EU country to ban “conversion therapy” an unethical, harmful practice that has led to untold mental anguish for LGBT people who have been subjected to it.

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) should immediately act to support the Mozambican authorities by providing humanitarian aid to the affected populations in Cabo Delgado, and training for security forces tasked with protecting people.

Kurdistan Regional Government (KRI) authorities continue to repress free expression in Iraq, most recently by arresting dozens in an effort to prevent a planned protest.

Three women opposition politicians in Zimbabwe alleged that they were abducted from police custody and sexually assaulted by state operatives. The women might face prosecution from the government for ‘lying’.

Pakistan’s Supreme Court this week justified reopening shopping malls by claiming that there is no pandemic in the country.

And finally, LGBT people in Africa have been particularly targeted by law enforcement officials purporting to enforce pandemic responses. Afroqueer podcast discusses this.