Israel's Assault on Human Rights Advocacy: Daily Brief

Plus: Myanmar reports to the International Court of Justice; US threatens International Criminal Court; Malta patrol boat intimidates migrants at sea; governments must act to protect rights of Hong Kong people; and join our virtual film festival. 

Amnesty International will soon challenge in a Jerusalem court a travel ban that the Israeli government imposed on its campaigner for Israel and Palestine, Laith Abu Zeyad. Six months ago today, the Israeli government also deported HRW's Israel director over his human rights advocacy.

On May 23, Myanmar submitted its first report on what it has done to protect the Rohingya from genocide to the International Court of Justice. This comes after a court order on January 23, 2020, directing Myanmar to prevent all genocidal acts against Rohingya Muslims. New reporting suggests that Myanmar has been using the Covid-19 crisis to increase restrictions for Rohingyas.  

United States Secretary of State Michael Pompeo once again threatened the International Criminal Court.

New footage shows how a Maltese patrol boat intimidated and tried to push back people in need of rescue at sea. The footage, published by the nongovernmental organization Alarm Phone, which runs a hotline for boats in distress in the Mediterranean, comes after reports of Malta arbitrarily detaining migrants on tourist ferry boats.

Taiwan has announced it will provide assistance to people in Hong Kong, after China's formal decision to directly impose national security legislation on Hong Kong, which threatens the basic rights and freedoms of the city’s people. World governments should take concrete actions to help protect the rights of people in Hong Kong

And join our virtual Human Rights Watch film festival tomorrow for a screening and live Q&A of "Love Child."