Kids in England Going Hungry: Daily Brief

Children in England going hungry with schools shut; hundreds jailed for Covid-19 violations in Myanmar; Thailand's extension of its state of emergency is unjustified; death sentence by Zoom in Singapore; alleged drowning of Afghan migrants by Iranian border authorities; worrying new public assembly law in Kazakhstan; Kenyan quarantine conditions undermine rights; and if you have to wear a mask, make it an awesome one. 

The UK government’s failure to properly ensure all pupils had sufficient food as soon as it closed schools means children in England have been going hungry.

At least 500 people, including children, returning migrant workers, and religious minorities, have been sentenced to between one month and one year in prison in Myanmar since late March 2020 for violating curfews, quarantines, or other movement control orders. 

Thailand's extension of its state of emergency is unjustified.

Almost a month after reports emerged of the alleged drowning by Iranian border authorities of Afghan migrants attempting to cross the border into Iran, efforts to uncover the truth have achieved little.

This week, Kazakhstan’s President Kasym-Jomart Tokaev signed into law new legislation on the right to protest in the country.

Kenyan authorities are potentially facilitating transmission of the Covid-19 virus while forcefully quarantining tens of thousands of people in facilities that lack proper sanitation, protective equipment and food. 

Human Rights Watch is proud to join with famed Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei this week in a project of mass activism that also raises funds for our work on human rights in the pandemic. The project also benefits two colleague organizations, Refugees International and Médecins sans Frontières.