Trump's Recipe for Disaster: Daily Brief

US dangerously militarizing its approach to peaceful protest; remembering the Tiananmen Massacre, because the Chinese authorities want you to forget; new UN report on the Philippines details widespread human rights violations; Brazil's own scourge of police brutality; rights defender under house arrest in Kyrgyzstan; Egypt’s ex-prime minister sued for torture

Facing rising public protests across the US against racist police brutality, the Trump administration is escalating the danger by deploying more military forces and federal officers of various agencies. 

China’s government never paid a price at home or abroad for the Tiananmen Massacre, encouraging its arbitrary detention of millions, repression of civil society, and weakening of international human rights law and institutions.

A new UN report on the Philippines details widespread human rights violations and persistent impunity. 

Brazil is suffering its own scourge of police brutality... 

Kyrgyz security services detained a well-known rights defender on dubious grounds, and a court ordered him placed under house arrest. 

An American citizen who spent nearly two years in an Egyptian prison has filed a civil suit against former Egyptian Prime Minister Hazem al-Beblawy in a United States court.