#BlackLivesMatter Globally: Daily Brief

Plus: Minneapolis City Council announce commitment to dismantle the city’s police department; gaps in UK's response to violence against women; Iraqi government must protect free speech; Gambia's truth commission resumes hearings on ex-president's abuses; climate change threatens pregnancy health; latest findings on China's mistreatment of Uyghurs.   

Public protests against racist police brutality are growing across the United States and around the world

Following such protests and the ongoing criticism against police brutality in Minneapolis, a majority of the Minneapolis City Council members expressed their commitment to dismantle the city’s police department

The government of the United Kingdom is stalling on establishing a robust legal framework to address violence against women and girls even as reported domestic abuse spikes during the Covid-19 pandemic. This pandemic has exposed longstanding flaws in the government’s approach to domestic violence. 

For a decade, Iraqi journalists have been threatened, beaten, prosecuted and killed, sometimes at the hands of the authorities, with minimal action to protect them. Iraq's new government should work to lift barriers to free speech.

Gambian truth commission resumes its hearings on testimonies about former president Yahya Jammeh's responsibility for numerous grave crimes during his 22 years in office. The commission has been amassing evidence of Yahya Jammeh’s alleged crimes, highlighting the need for a criminal investigation of Jammeh.

A growing body of epidemiological research shows a connection between exposure to high temperatures during pregnancy and preterm birth and other adverse birth outcomes; meaning that the rise in heat due to climate change poses a threat to the right to have a healthy pregnancy.

Uyghurs wrongly imprisoned in Xinjiang's mass arbitrary detention facilities have reportedly been forced to choose from a list of crimes and sentenced to prison terms without a due process.