Unrelenting Killings in Congo’s Ituri: Daily Brief

Unrelenting killings in Congo’s Ituri province; sickening attacks on the Croatian border; a "wake-up call to warlords" in Libya; Sudan slipping on reforms; the UN chief needs to correct his "list of shame"; a half step forward for children in Iran; celebrating Pride as resistance; and a look back at the victory in Tulsa.

Hundreds of civilians have been killed since March in ethnic violence in the Ituri region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

As more violence and humiliation are directed at people pushed back across the Croatian border, the EU is disturbingly silent.

The United Nations Human Rights Council has taken a positive step toward accountability by establishing a fact-finding body to investigate violations by all sides in Libya. It's "a wake-up call to warlords."

Almost a year into the transition in Sudan, we are seeing too little progress on justice and key reforms.

How could the UN Secretary-General get it so wrong?

Iran’s recently approved law to protect children and adolescents is a small positive step forward, but ultimately, it falls short of what's needed.

While Pride is now welcomed in many places around the world, elsewhere, it remains a point of contestation.

And despite dire predictions and presidential threats to use violence against protesters, events in Tulsa at the weekend ended in the positive spirit of Juneteenth