Property Rights of Women Unprotected in Kenya: Daily Brief

New report on matrimonial property abuses against Kenyan women; war crimes indictment against president of Kosovo; Ken Roth on the need to stop authoritarian rot in Europe; "hostage taking" by China; alarming Covid-19 situation in Burundi; farcical “fake news” bill in Brazil; and positive human rights news from France. 

Many women in Kenya are left without protection to claim their matrimonial property despite relative progress in the laws on paper, according to a new Human Rights Watch report, published today. 

War crimes and crimes against humanity indictments have been made public against Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi and other former Kosovo Liberation Army leaders. This advances justice for these crimes, which were committed during and after the 1998-1999 Kosovo war.

When will European Union leaders and member states step up and stop the authoritarian rot in the heart of Europe? The time to act on Hungary is now, says HRW's executive director Ken Roth in an interview with the University of Amsterdam.

'Hostage diplomacy' seems to be the latest foreign policy tool of the authorities in China.

The government of Burundi is failing to communicate fact-based information on the Covid-19 pandemic and preventing doctors and nurses from responding adequately

The current draft of a so-called “fake news” bill in the Senate in Brazil contains vague and overbroad provisions that are open to abuse. The Senate should reject it.