Celebrating International Justice Day - #JusticeMatters: Daily Brief

Plus: remembering victims of flight MH17; too many years of suffering for Australia's asylum seekers; Russia eviscerates Syria cross-border aid program; UK’s child welfare support inconsistent with rights obligations; Libyan politician’s whereabouts still unknown; and be part of the #FutureWeBuild.

July 17 is International Criminal Justice Day, a moment to reflect on efforts to seek justice for serious crimes worldwide. This year has brought significant progress in the fight against impunity, amid many challenges. With conflicts raging around the globe and atrocities being committed daily, standing up for justice and supporting victims is more important than ever. #JusticeMatters

Today we also remember the 298 victims of the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, which was shot down over eastern Ukraine six years ago. The trial of those accused started earlier this year.

This Sunday marks the seventh anniversary of Australia’s disastrous decision to resume its policy of transferring asylum seekers offshore. It's a stark reminder that Australia has become a world leader in treating refugees with brazen cruelty. 

The UN Security Council has confined cross-border humanitarian aid to northern Syria to a single crossing on the Turkish border. This is the final nail in the coffin of the UN’s 6-year-old aid mechanism - and another example of Moscow politicizing humanitarian aid.

The United Kingdom's "two child limit" policy unfairly penalizes poorer families with three or more children. Human Rights Watch and others have evidenced it is inconsistent with the UK's human rights obligations.

The whereabouts of Libyan politician Seham Sergewa remain unknown since she was abducted by armed men  - apparently affiliated with the Libyan Arab Armed Forces -  from her home a year ago. Her abduction is among the crimes that could be investigated by the Libya fact-finding body recently established by the UN Human Rights Council.

In recent weeks we have seen the world go from social distancing and quarantine to protests and demands for justice. It’s time for the world to unite in strength and create the equitable, post-pandemic future we want to see. Register now and participate in HRW's global event on Thursday July 23