Japanese Child Athletes Suffer Abuse: Daily Brief

Plus: apparent Covid-19 outbreaks in Egyptian prisons; Macron's selective indignation over Libya; forced Uyghur labor might be making your masks; Arabs can't return to their home in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq; India's police complicit in anti-Muslim violence; and join the #FutureWeBuild.

Child athletes in Japan suffer physical, sexual, and verbal abuse when training for sport. Our new report documents depression, suicides, physical disabilities, and lifelong trauma resulting from such abuses in the country - that will host the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics next year.

Egyptian prisons and police stations have had suspected Covid-19 outbreaks in recent weeks amid a strict official information blackout.

France should cease turning a blind eye to grave violations in Libya for the sake of preserving its strategic or economic interests.

New reporting reveals that several Chinese companies use forced Uighur labor to produce masks during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The failure to ensure justice for victims of communal violence in India has perpetuated further abuses against religious minorities and deepened distrust in India’s criminal justice system.

Many facets of the Covid-19 pandemic may be beyond our control—but our future is not. Join Human Rights Watch's event on Friday, July 23, and be part of the #FutureWeBuild.