New Dark Era of Online Censorship in Turkey: Daily Brief

A new dark era of online censorship in Turkey; fresh UN report on appalling abuses against women in North Korea; Poland's government plans to remove protections for women and girls; Uganda criminalizes comedians over satirical video; Saudi court jails blogger for supporting equal rights; ICC sets Central African Republic trial; the value of international pressure on Nicaragua; and John Oliver takes on China's oppression in Xinjiang.

A new UN report shows how women forcibly returned to North Korea suffer appalling violations.

Ugandan police have arrested four comedians for a satirical video they posted online. The comedians are part of a group called Bizonto and perform skits that they post online.

Saudi court sentenced a Yemeni blogger to jail and then deportation to Yemen for a social media post supporting equal rights for all in Saudi Arabia.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) announcement of the upcoming trial of two militia leaders is a significant step for justice for grave crimes committed in the Central African Republic.

Sustained international pressure has played an essential role in the past in curbing serious and widespread human rights abuses by the government of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua. It can do so again.

And finally, it's great to see John Oliver take on the Chinese authorities' repression in Xinjiang province.