Pre-election Crackdown in Belarus: Daily Brief

Belarus authorities crack down on journalists and opposition ahead of elections; deadly attacks in Nigeria; South Korean government targeting activists; Serbia not reporting Covid deaths in institutions; tech firms’ counterterrorism forum threatens rights; US attorney general in denial; first US hospital pledges to end intersex surgeries; and the Trump administration's deeply misguided "review" of rights.

With elections in Belarus just around the corner, on August 9, the authorities are ramping up their repression, arbitrarily arresting journalists, activists and others.

Deadly attacks in Nigeria’s Kaduna State have refocused attention on communal violence in the region.

Foreign ministries should reject the new National Security Law that China imposed on Hong Kong and act to uphold human rights in the city, an open letter from 17 nongovernmental organizations said today.

The South Korean government is targeting activist organizations that focus on North Korea’s human rights problems for special review in an apparent effort to intimidate them.

The Serbian government has not provided clear or comprehensive information about the total number of confirmed cases and deaths inside institutions from Covid-19. 

Rights groups have expressed concern that government participation in the new Independent Advisory Committee of the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism, which includes the world’s biggest social media platforms, will increase risks of extra-legal censorship

United States Attorney General William Barr has defended the Trump administration's violent response to protests following the police killing of George Floyd in May and denied systematic racism in US policing. 

Good news from the US, as a hospital publicly apologizes for the harm it caused intersex people through unnecessary operations on children.

The Trump administration is reviewing the human rights it thinks governments should respect. And, yes, it's as bad as it sounds