Boko Haram Uses Kids as Suicide Bombers in Cameroon: Daily Brief

Residents of Xinjiang face harsh Covid-19 measures; EU should call for urgent investigations into abuse of Belarusian protesters; gunmen attack political group in Basra; Lebanese authorities used excessive force against protesters; free Bobomorud Abdullaev in Uzbekistan; and air pollution due to man-made forest fires - and bad policy - in the Amazon.

The Islamist armed group Boko Haram used children for a recent suicide bombing attack in Cameroon.



Singapore should quash activist Jolovan Wham’s sentence. Jolovan was arrested and charged because he held an indoor event about social movements.



Residents of China’s Xinjiang region have reportedly been subjected to harsh measures such as being handcuffed to buildings, in the name of Covid-19 prevention.


While the European Union supports calls for justice for Belarusian protesters who were beaten during protests and in jail, it should now take action by beginning evidence collection.


Unidentified gunmen have assassinated two protesters and wounded another four, all linked to a youth protest group with political aspirations in Basra, Iraq.



Lebanese security forces used excessive force, including live ammunition, against protesters in August.



Although Uzbek journalist Bobomurod Abdullaev is no longer in detention, he still faces fabricated charges.



And finally, fires resulting from unchecked deforestation are poisoning the air millions of people breathe, affecting health throughout the Brazilian Amazon