Migrant Children Moved to Safety in France: Daily Brief

Plus: Jordan uses Covid-19 state of emergency to crack down on protesters; terrible effects of racism in the Australian healthcare system; African kids' testimonies on Covid-19 impact; Germany should pass a robust supply chain law; China's Foreign Minister visit to Europe, an opportunity to repudiate China’s growing repression; and how a no-deal end of the UK transition period can affect human rights.

In recent days, France has welcomed 49 children flown in from the nightmarish situation in the camps on Greece’s Aegean islands, where thousands of asylum seekers and migrants are stranded in horrendous conditions. Every child removed from these dangerous camps to safety is good news and gives hope that they can have a better future.

The Jordanian government is exploiting the Covid-19 state of emergency to crack down on public outrage over the arbitrary government closure of the Teachers’ Syndicate. Authorities have prevented or forcibly dispersed ongoing protests in towns across the country and arrested numerous teachers and other protesters, holding some in detention.

A new investigation in Queensland, Australia, found that the health care delivered to a 6-year-old Australian boy who died from a sudden illness in 2017 was “likely inadequate.” It also suggests Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples remain at a significant disadvantage compared to other Queenslanders across many health measures.

School closures caused by the Covid-19 pandemic exacerbated previously existing inequalities, with children already most at risk of being excluded from a quality education being the most affected. HRW has submitted a written presentation with testimony from children on the impact Covid-19 has had on them at the 35th Ordinary Session of the African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child. 

Germany should pass a robust supply chains law to signal that in the world’s fourth largest economy, the human rights of people at the bottom of supply chains count.

What should China’s Foreign Minister Wang hear during his Europe visit? That governments match the courage and ambition of human rights defenders across China and UN experts and tell him to expect clear demands for accountability at September’s Human Rights Council session.

A no-deal end of the transition period for the UK, which treated the UK as though it remained inside the EU, carries a potential risk for human rights...