Mongols Defending Their Language in China: Daily Brief

Plus: Dr. Mukwege needs protection; migrants stuck off Maltese coast; India should ban the use of metal pellets to disperse crowds; Germans turn their back on populism; justice for the Tulsa Race Massacre; Free Kavala in Turkey; and the true story of British fish and chips.

The Chinese government has a new policy to increasingly replace Mongolian with Mandarin Chinese as the language of instruction in Inner Mongolia schools. Children have the right to education in their own language and people of Inner Mongolia have taken to the streets to protect it

Dr. Mukwege is a renowned gynecologist in the Democratic Republic of Congo and an outspoken human rights activist who has repeatedly denounced the pervasiveness of rape as a weapon of war. He is now facing threats, which aren't only against him but also everything he - and we - stand for.

A group of at least 27 people have been stuck for more than three weeks on a Danish-flagged tanker after being rescued at sea, waiting for Malta to authorize their entrance to port.

The Indian authorities should prohibit security forces in Jammu and Kashmir from using shotguns firing metal pellets to disperse crowds. On August 29, police and paramilitary forces used them at a Shia Muslim procession in Srinagar, injuring dozens of people.

There's some positive news from Germany, where a new study shows that people are less likely to hold populist attitudes than they were two years ago.

Tulsa Race Massacre survivors - including a 105-year-old woman - and their descendants have filed a lawsuit seeking reparations. We spoke to Attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons, heading the team fighting for justice. 

The Council of Europe has urged Turkey to release Turkish rights defender Osman Kavala, who was rearrested after acquittal on February. 

And finally, good old British fish and chips... Thanks, refugees!