Justice for Syria Torture Inches Closer: Daily Brief

Important new steps to get justice for crimes against humanity in Syria, and for regime abuses against peaceful protesters in Belarus; justice also matters  in Liberia; brave students defy authoritarianism in Thailand; horrible health care update from Hungary; good news for Lebanon's migrant workers; new anti-racism action plan for EU; and how is Nujeen Mustafa, the girl who fled Syria in a wheelchair, doing in 2020?

There's very important and positive Syria news, as The Netherlands has decided to trigger a dispute process that could result in a case against the Assad regime, for widespread torture. This could lead to a case at the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

And there's also positive news regarding justice for ongoing abuses by the regime in Belarus.

Justice also matters in Liberia, where people suffered tremendously during wars which spanned more than 14 years starting in 1989, and that left tens of thousands dead. 

The horrible state of healthcare is costing lives in Hungary.

Good news from Lebanon is rare these days, but still possible.