US Should Protect Voter Rights: Daily Brief

Obstacles for Syrian refugees returning home; UK law could prevent justice for crimes abroad; Chinese tycoon imprisoned for criticizing the government; Beirut blast poses waste management problem; Australia minister illegally detained Afghan migrant; Myanmar jails critics; Mozambique conflict has displaced hundreds of thousands.

Responses by election officials in the United States to the Covid-19 pandemic seriously impaired some people’s ability to vote in primary elections.

The Syrian government policy that insists that each Syrian national entering Syria must exchange US$100 for Syrian pounds at the official rate prevents Syrians from returning home.


The UK Parliament should reject a bill that could prevent justice for war crimes.


Ren Zhiqiang, a China tycoon and critic of President Xi Jinping, has been sentenced to 18 years in prison on trumped up charges.


The Beirut blast damaged Lebanon’s already strained waste management infrastructure. The new government should address waste management and prioritize citizen’s health.


Australia’s acting immigration minister reportedly directed the unlawful detention of an Afghan asylum seeker.


The Myanmar authorities should stop responding to criticism of the government and military with arrests.


And finally, the World Food Programme reported that the conflict in Mozambique has displaced hundreds of thousands of people.