Growing Calls For China to Address Abuses: Daily Brief

India blames critics for protests; justice needed for Anna Politkovskaia; UK’s inconsistent foreign policy; new ruling win for anti-fascism in Greece; Australia abandons abusive law.

39 United Nations member states have condemned China’s human rights violations in Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang.

India authorities are blaming critics for the public uproar after the rape and murder of a 19-year old woman in Uttar Pradesh.

Who killed prominent Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaia? Fourteen years later no one has been held responsible for her murder.

While the United Kingdom has led humanitarian and peace efforts, it also continues selling arms to Saudi Arabia which has an abusive record in Yemen.


A Greek court has found the leadership of the Golden Dawn fascist group guilty of running a criminal organization.



And more good news: Australia’s government has abandoned a controversial law that would have been used to detain people arbitrarily during the pandemic.