Voting Rights are Human Rights: Daily Brief

The rights of voters in the US are under new and old threats; Trump administration doubles down on endangering asylum seekers; mass protests in Thailand; Indonesia's pariah general Prabowo visits US; crackdown against protests in Nigeria; new report on war crimes strategy against civilians in Syria; volleyball federation ignores murder of athlete in Iran; and remembering Dan Baum. 

The rights of voters in the United States are under new and old threats during this election season in a time of pandemic. Everyone's voice should be heard and everyone's vote should be counted. Human Rights Watch has published 10 principles for protecting human rights in the US elections.

The administration of US President Donald Trump has meanwhile decided to double down on endangering asylum seekers.

The declaration of a state of emergency in Thailand's capital Bangkok is a pretext for a crackdown on peaceful demonstrations.

Former Indonesian general Prabowo Subianto was an international pariah for years, because of his role in past atrocities. That doesn't appear to be a problem for the current United States government, that is hosting him for a 5-day visit

Security forces in Nigeria have responded to overwhelmingly peaceful protests against police brutality with more violence and abuse.

HRW has published a new report on the war crimes-based military strategy of the Assad regime and Russia in Syria. Also make sure you check out this interactive feature, this witness article, and our video on-topic. 

The International Volleybal Federation is at the receiving end of well-deserved criticism, as it is planning to host a prestigious tournament in Iran, where the regime recently executed athlete Navid Afkari

And we're remembering Dan Baum, a much-loved HRW colleague, who passed away earlier this month.