Protect the Vote: Daily Brief

Everyone has the right to vote free of fear and harm during US elections; cluster munitions kill civilians in Azerbaijan; counterterrorism raids target peaceful critics in India; blow to migrant domestic worker rights in Lebanon; EU action needed against Croatia for abuses against asylum seekers & migrants; Saudi G20 event slammed over abuses against women; and health, not wealth, should determine access to a Covid-19 vaccine.

As many people in the United States are worried about possible intimidation and violence around the general election on Tuesday November 3, it is important to realize that the authorities have the tools to protect voters. And to state the obvious: everyone has the right to vote free of fear and harm.

“All countries should condemn using cluster munitions in the war over Nagorno-Karabakh and urge the parties to the conflict to stop using them.”

The authorities in India use counterterrorism operations to silence peaceful dissenters, human rights activists, and journalists.

Recent reports by humanitarian groups and the media paint a gruesome picture of abuses against asylum seekers and migrants on Croatia’s border with Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Saudi Arabia's horrible human rights record is in the spotlight as the country is host of the G20 summit and related events, for instance the W20, about women's rights.

And we published a ground-breaking report this week on the need to put human rights and transparency front and center during the development of Covid-19 vaccines.