New Focus on Abuses in Belarus: Daily Brief

New report on human rights abuses in Belarus; how democracy will win in the US;  news update on Saudi Arabia’s attempt to 'sportswash' horrible human rights record; Japan needs a federal LGBT & nondiscrimination law; join HRW's Film Festival for East and Horn of Africa; and we celebrate a victory by Poland's women.

A new expert report has found “massive and systemic” human rights violations in Belarus before and in the aftermath of the August 9 presidential election.

In the United States, election officials are still counting votes

There's a news update un the latest blatant attempt by the regime in Saudi Arabia to 'sportswash' its horrible human rights record. Want to do something to counter this pr-strategy? HRW has got you covered.

People with an interest in human rights and film in countries in East and Horn of Africa should mark November 9-13 on their calendar, as HRW is organizing a digital Film Festival for the region. Tickets are free when you register here.

And there is some very welcome good news from Poland.