G20 Should Hold Saudi Arabia Accountable for Abuses: Daily Brief

The G20 needs to hold Saudi Arabia to account; an agenda for the Biden administration; Myanmar's elections; free Ahmet Altan in Turkey; and questions - and answers - about due diligence in the EU.

G20 member countries should press Saudi Arabia to release everyone detained unlawfully and provide accountability for past abuses in advance of the virtual G20 leaders’ summit on November 21.

Now that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have won the US presidential election, they have an enormous amount of work ahead of them, not only undoing the Trump Administration's undermining of human rights, but also going deeper, to the heart of long-term problems in the country.

Contrast this with "elections" in Myanmar...

Unjustly jailed writer Ahmet Altan has been imprisoned in Turkey for 1500 days

In June 2020, Human Rights Watch outlined key elements that should be incorporated in EU legislation governing mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence, including climate change. Here are some answers to a few ‘frequently asked questions’ posed by legislators and businesses