Kyrgyzstan Maintains Ban on HRW: Daily Brief

Iraq forces IDPs into homelessness; Uganda opposition politician suspends campaign; US should stop arms sales to UAE; Swiss court begins Liberia war crimes trial; how tech companies repress free speech; aid sent to Lebanon should be sent to those in need.

Five years ago, Kyrgyzstan banned HRW researcher Mihra Rittman in an effort to limit scrutiny into human rights violations. But this hasn't stopped human rights research in the country.



Environmental groups face constant attacks in Russia.


The ongoing closures of Iraq’s displaced persons camps on short notice is forcing some residents into homelessness and poverty.


Uganda opposition politician Bobi Wine has suspended his campaign after police cracked down on his supporters in the past few weeks.


The United States should suspend all future arms sales to the United Arab Emirates until the UAE curtails unlawful airstrikes in Yemen and Libya, halts support and weapons transfers to abusive local forces.


On December 3, a court in Switzerland will begin the trial of Alieu Kosiah, for war crimes during the first Liberian civil war.



Tech companies undermine free speech when they bow to the demands of oppressive governments that try to muzzle citizens.


And finally, aid sent to Lebanon should be sent directly to those most in need, and not to abusive and corrupt government agencies.