Asylum Seekers Moved to Firing Range in Greece: Daily Brief

Fears over lead poisoning & unexploded munitions in new migrant camp in Greece; how Europe aids Egypt's brutal abuses; Cuba using Covid-19 rules to intensify repression; concerns over Afghan government proposal for mosque-based primary schools; Poland's ruling party takes another step to control the media; and Belarus escalates crackdown on independent journalism.

Thousands of asylum seekers, aid workers, United Nations, and Greek and European Union employees may be at risk of lead poisoning in a new migrant camp that Greek authorities have built on a repurposed military firing range on the island of Lesbos,

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi is making the most of this period of global turmoil to entrench the relentless repression that has been his trademark. 

The Cuban government is using regulations designed to prevent the spread of Covid-19 to harass and imprison critics.

There are concerns over a new Afghan government proposal to have children study in mosques for the first three years of primary school.

Poland's ruling party is taking another major step in its efforts to control the media.

The regime in Belarus is escalating its crackdown on independent media.