Happy Human Rights Day! Daily Brief

Today, we're celebrating Human Rights Day; new #SaudiRegrets campaign to call out human rights abuses & support unjustly jailed activists; disturbing new report on brutal abuses in Nagorno-Karabakh war; barriers to education for children with disabilities in Kyrgyzstan; and International Criminal Court Prosecutor ends scrutiny of Iraq abuses. 

Today is Human Rights Day, a day to focus on the inspiring moments of an extremely difficult year. There were many bright spots!

On Human Rights Day, HRW has launched the #SaudiRegrets campaign, which seeks to counter Saudi Arabia’s “image laundering” by educating actors, musicians, and athletes courted to play or perform in Saudi Arabia about the country’s horrible human rights record. 

Amnesty International has just published a disturbing new report on brutal abuses in the Nagorno-Karabakh war.

Thousands of children with disabilities in Kyrgyzstan are segregated in residential institutions where they can experience neglect, inappropriate medical treatment, and discrimination

The International Criminal Court Prosecutor’s decision to close a preliminary examination of alleged war crimes by British forces in Iraq is likely to fuel the perception of a double standard in international justice.