Join Campaign to Help End Saudi Abuses: Daily Brief

Saudi Arabia uses flashy events to whitewash its horrible human rights record; repression threatens China's 2022 Winter Olympics; good and bad Covid-19 news from Israel & Palestine; what to expect for Syria in 2021;  alarming LGBT news from Egypt; and some good news, as Kazakhstan abolishes the death penalty.

Did you know that Saudi Arabia uses actors, musicians and athletes to whitewash its horrible human rights record? And that you can do something to highlight these abuses and educate those influencers?

The Chinese government’s heightened repression from Xinjiang to Hong Kong threatens its hosting of the 2022 Winter Olympics, says Human Rights Watch in a letter sent to Thomas Bach, the President of the International Olympic Committee.

Here are some more reminders of why China is a human rights black hole.

What can we expect in Syria, after almost ten years of war in the country?

And there's very good news from Kazakhstan, as the country has just banned the death penalty!