Hold Trump & His Enablers to Account for Capitol Attack: Daily Brief

Investigation needed after pro-Trump extremists attack Capitol building in Washington DC; militia terrorizes town in Libya; Johnson or Macron: who’s the real 'emperor with no clothes’?; China's regime harassing people seeking redress for pandemic-linked abuses; registration barriers for independent groups in Uzbekistan; and the United Nations cannot abandon Darfuris.

The attack Wednesday by an extremist pro-Trump mob on the Capitol building in Washington DC is the culmination of a reckless campaign by the president and his enablers to undermine democracy and the rule of law since his electoral defeat. The incoming attorney general should start an investigation to hold those responsible to account.

Hundreds of residents of Tarhouna, a town in Libya, have been abducted or reported missing between 2014 and 2020. Authorities have discovered 27 mass graves in Tarhouna since June, but they haven't yet identified the bodies.

Between Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron: who’s the real ‘emperor with no clothes’?

The authorities in China should cease their campaign against individuals seeking redress for abuses linked to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Uzbek authorities are severely hindering the work of independent nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) with excessive and burdensome registration requirements, violating their right to freedom of association.

The withdrawal of the United Nations peacekeepers from Sudan's Darfur region is leaving the local population vulnerable to continuing attacks.