Exodus from Venezuela: Daily Brief

Venezuela's deepening refugee crisis; combatting Hungary's authoritarian slide; reflections from the LGBT frontlines; some good news from Cameroon and Chemnitz; and an important message from the "Australien government."

The Venezuelan government is responsible for the mass exodus out of the country. The region needs a more coordinated response to help the millions forced to flee.

Hungary's government has driven the country off the path of core European values. It's time for the rest of Europe to help them get back on the democratic path

As Human Rights Watch bids farewell to one of our long-time colleagues, he reflects on the remarkable changes in attitudes toward LGBT rights over the past decade.

There's some good news from Cameroon...

After more than a week of tensions following radical right attacks and marches in the east German city of Chemnitz, there was some positive news last night.

A disturbing new anti-encryption bill in Australia has inspired a parody announcement by the "Australien government"... (Warning: Some language in this video may offend some people, but hopefully, most will find it a strong take on a very serious and important issue.)