Vote Yes for Democracy in Hungary: Daily Brief

Will European Parliament vote yes for democracy in Hungary?; 'Pariah state' threatens International Criminal Court judges; ending child marriage in the UK; no school for asylum-seeking kids in Greece; when will war crimes in Nepal finally be prosecuted?; history of violence on repeat in Uganda; and join us & support Saudi feminists!

It's make or break in European Parliament on Wednesday: will a 2/3 majority support democracy in Hungary and take action against the assault on the rule of law and human rights by the Hungarian government?

A senior official of the United States administration has threatened judges of the International Criminal Court because of a possible investigation into war crimes committed in Afghanistan. "It's an affront to victims everywhere who seek justice", says HRW's Elizabeth Evenson

Greece has done an abysmal job of providing education to asylum-seeking children on the islands, yet with EU encouragement it insists on keeping them there...

Recent protests in support of embattled Ugandan opposition leader Robert Kyagulangi and the security forces’ heavy-handed response emphasize for me how little has changed in Uganda over the last decade.

And take action with HRW and call on car companies to stand up for the courageous women in Saudi Arabia who fought for their right to drive, and are now imprisoned for their activism: #StandWithSaudiFeminists!