Don't Even Think About It, Says China: Daily Brief

No "erroneous thoughts" allowed in China, so don't mention the Tiananmen Massacre, please; Trump axes requirement for military to report on civilian casualties; US government reportedly keeping secret database of journalists & others covering migration issues; freedom of expression is under attack once again in Tanzania; new fines and jail terms for "disrespecting" the government in Russia; South Korea’s law banning same-sex conduct for soldiers violates its international obligations; a renewed impetus for international justice; and get ready for #IWD2019 tomorrow. 

Shhhh... please be very, very quiet. China doesn't want anyone to speak about certain big anniversaries, like the Tiananmen Massacre, coming up this year. Don't even let such "erroneous thoughts" get in your head. We probably shouldn't have made this our top story today... Oops. 

The Trump administration has revoked an Obama-era requirement for the military to report on civilian casualties in its operations. Amnesty International has called it, "a shameful decision that will shroud this administration’s actions in even more secrecy with little accountability for its victims."

There are fresh reports that the US government has been keeping a secret database of journalists, activists and social media influencers covering migration issues.

Freedom of expression is under attack once again in Tanzania.

Russia’s parliament has approved a law allowing courts to jail and fine people for online “disrespect” of government and state officials. 

Eamon Gilmore, a former Irish foreign minister, was appointed as the new EU special representative for human rights. He has his work cut out for him...

South Korea’s law that bans same-sex conduct for soldiers violates its international human rights obligations and should be repealed.

And tomorrow is International Women's Day. Here's some reading to get you started...