No-Deal Disaster Danger for the UK: Daily Brief

Plus: Compromised convictions in Cameroon; transgender women in Lebanon face systemic violence and discrimination; death in custody in Pakistan; and xenophobic violence in South Africa.

As a disastrous "no-deal" brexit looms, it’s hard to overstate the dangers the UK faces right now. This week is crucial if the UK is to reverse course on the government’s deeply worrying attempts to bypass rule of law and parliamentary scrutiny.

Ten leaders of the separatist Ambazonia Interim Government in Cameroon lodged an appeal on August 26, 2019, against their August 20 convictions and life sentences by a military court following a trial that raises serious concerns of due process and violations of fair-trial rights.

Transgender women in Lebanon face systemic violence and discrimination, Human Rights Watch, Helem, and MOSAIC said in a report and video released today.