Trump Threatens to Commit War Crimes: Daily Brief

Plus: Armed Islamist atrocities surge in Burkina Faso; sportswashing and the Dakar Rally that won't go to Dakar; and what we'd like to see in 2020. 

The US president is threatening to commit war crimes. Human Rights Watch is calling on the US government to change tack and immediately confirm the US will at all times comply with the laws of war. 

Armed Islamist groups in Burkina Faso have committed targeted attacks and summary executions that have killed over 250 civilians since April 2019, according to a new report, released today.

The Dakar Rally has been moved to Saudi Arabia, where the government continues to imprison women’s rights activists for advocating for the right to drive.

In 2020, we're pushing to see growing international rejection of “killer robots” – weapons that would kill without meaningful human control – and increasing calls for a new treaty to preemptively ban them.