China Accuses Others Over Its Failures in Hong Kong: Daily Brief

China tries to explain away the decision to ban HRW's executive director from Hong Kong; HRW's World Report 2020 to launch from New York; arrests in Iran over downing of passenger jet; US citizen dies in an Egyptian prison; European judges join forces to march in Poland; Rwanda upholds two unjust free speech convictions; refugees die after leaving migrant UN facility in Libya; protests resume in Lebanon; and a show trial in Cambodia... 

Chinese authorities have sought to shift the blame onto others in an attempt to explain away the "unusual and disturbing" decision to ban HRW's executive director, Ken Roth, from entering Hong Kong at the weekend. 

With HRW unable to enter  Hong Kong to launch its World Report 2020 - an annual wrap on the state of human rights around the world - it will now do so from New York later on Tuesday, at 3pm local time today. The event will be broadcast live on Facebook

In other news, several people have been detained in Iran over the accidental shooting down of a Ukrainian passenger plane with a missile, reports say. The arrests come after thousands of protesters took to the streets chanting anti-government slogans - only to be met with teargas

A US citizen has died after more than six years in an Egyptian prison. Mustafa Kassem, who was sentenced without due process to 15 years in jail following five years of detention, had been on hunger strike before his death. 

Judges from 20 European countries joined their Polish counterparts on a silent march of protest through Warsaw last weekend, in an unprecedented public display of international judicial solidarity.

Rwandan Court of Appeal decision to uphold the conviction of two former military officials is a violation of freedom of speech, HRW says. Although the court reduced the men's sentences to 15 years each, it does not mitigate convictions merely for criticizing the authorities.

The fatal shooting of two Eritrean men in Libya has raised fresh concerns about overcrowding in UN facilities for refugees and migrants in the country.

Protests have resumed in Lebanon, with people angry about the time it is taking to form a new government. 

And finally, a "show trial" of a Cambodian opposition leader is due to begin tomorrow.