Urgent Action Needed to Meet Education Deadline: Daily Brief

Plus: people with limited mobility can’t access pensions in Ukraine; the Maldives should stop destroying mangrove forests; Poland approves controversial "muzzle law"; press freedom under threat in Brazil; pressure on China to release rights defenders for Lunar New Year; and renewed airstrikes in Syria must cease. 

Today is the International Day of Education, and Human Rights Watch is reminding governments that if they are to fufil their promises, they have only 10 years left to end all discrimination in children’s access to education.

In Ukraine, pensioners with limited mobility due to illness, disability, or advancing age who live in nongovernment-controlled areas of eastern Ukraine face overwhelming difficulty accessing their pensions or do not get them at all.

The Maldives government should preserve mangrove forest that helps protect local residents against increased risks from the effects of climate change, instead of destroying it for building purposes. 

Poland's parliament has approved a controversial draft law aimed at punishing judges who are critical of the government's judicial reforms. 

The Court in Brazil should dismiss the charges against the American journalist Glenn Greenwald for having used confidential sources, a prosecution that could harm press freedom in the country. 

The Chinese government should immediately release activists, lawyers, and others arbitrarily detained for their work defending human rights and allow them to return to their families to celebrate Lunar New Year.

The renewal of the offensive in Idlib, Syria, which has already killed 35 people and displaced more than 350,000 civilians, is unacceptable and must cease, says the European Union.