Ethiopia Cracks Down after Singer’s Murder: Daily Brief

Ethiopia cracks down following protests over popular singer’s murder; detainees at a facility in Yemen face serious health risks in pandemic; donor conference on Syria fails to make push on education; atrocities by Sahel security forces fueling recruitment by armed Islamists; controversial arrest of former air force pilot in Djibouti; when will sports stop policing femininity?; and the striking parallels between the African and African-American struggles for equality and justice.

Following the killing of a popular singer and ensuing protests, the Ethiopian authorities are responding in all the wrong ways...

Detainees at a detention facility in Yemen’s southern Aden governorate face serious health risks from the rapidly spreading Covid-19 pandemic.

The annual donor conference for Syria has failed refugee children's education.


Governments in the Sahel face a legitimate threat as Islamist armed group attacks on civilians rise and spread deeper into West Africa. But when the security forces summarily kill suspects in the name of security, it is as counterproductive as it is unlawful.

Djibouti’s authorities should impartially investigate alleged mistreatment of a detained former air force pilot and ensure that his due process rights are respected. The authorities have repressed peaceful protests that broke out in response to the pilot’s detention.

Russia has absolutely nothing to gain from its pointless, cruel, and abusive persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Yet, it continues...

When will sports stop policing femininity?

Striking parallels can be drawn between the African and African-American struggles for equality and justice, because apartheid and colonial laws imposed on Africans by Europeans shared similarities with America’s segregationist Jim Crow laws in scope, intent and effect.