Trump's Contempt for Global Rule of Law: Daily Brief

Trump shows his contempt for International Criminal Court and global rule of law; military justice in Myanmar is a joke; investigation needed into ‘disappearance’ of Thai activist; Duterte pushes Philippines democracy into abyss; good news from Russia; Belgium should move from regrets to reparations for colonial-era crimes; and the proud history of black protest in sport.

What should the international community, more specifically member states of the International Criminal Court, do to counter ongoing attacks of the Trump administration against the court? Read this comment by Elizabeth Evenson, associate director of the International Justice Program of Human Rights Watch.  

The authorities in Myanmar have added a farcical court martial to their list of attempts to feign progress on accountability in apparent attempts to influence the United Nations and international tribunals.

The authorities in Cambodia should immediately divulge the whereabouts of Wanchalearm Satsaksit, a prominent Thai activist who was forcibly disappeared in Phnom Penh one month ago.

There's breaking news from the Philippines.

And get inspired by the proud history of black protest in sport.