Massive Call for Probe into China’s Abuses: Daily Brief

Fire destroys Moria migrant camp; Bahrain should drop case against Abdullah al-Shamlawi; Philippines war on drugs worsened during the pandemic; the first ever International Day of Protection of Education from Attack.

More than 300 organizations have called on the United Nations to look into China’s human rights violations.

A Swiss court had upheld regulations that are biased against women athletes.



Fire has destroyed Greece’s largest migrant camp Moria, in the island of Lesbos leaving thousands without shelter.

Bahrain should drop the case against lawyer Abdullah al-Shamlawi who was sentenced to eight months in prison for tweets.


Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte administration’s bloody “war on drugs” worsened during the Covid-19 lockdown.


And finally, on this International Day for the Protection of Education from Attack, it’s important for conflict regions to commit to stop using schools and universities as military bases, and stop targeting teachers and students.