US Should Prioritize Human Rights: Daily Brief

Racial justice at stake in U.S. elections; Qatar officials forcibly examines women passengers; Poland rolls back on abortion rights; Elections kick off in Tanzania; Cambodia Prime Minister threatens activist’s family; Myanmar elections excludes minorities; education policy discriminates against people with disabilities; using art to combat albinism stigma.

Whoever wins the 2020 US elections has a responsibility to prioritize human rights by ending policies that undermine protections for food security, healthcare and minority groups.

Join this critical conversation on the state of voting so far, the obstacles and scenarios that could arise, and the racial justice issues in the US at stake.

13 women on an Australia-bound plane from Qatar were subjected to gynecological examinations after a premature baby was found in a toilet in a Doha airport terminal.

Tanzania general elections kicked off today with reports of restrictions on some social media sites.

Cambodia Prime Minister Hun Sen has threatened the family of exiled former legislator Ho Vann.

The Myanmar electoral commission has cancelled voting in over 15 townships, a move that might exclude minorities from the November 8 elections.

Many governments around the world have protected human rights in their efforts to curb the spread of Covid-19.

A new discriminatory policy in Brazil is encouraging municipalities to build segregated schools and programs for people with disabilities.

And finally, Azemap, a local volunteer-based organization in Mozambique is using art to combat stigma around albinism.