Swiss to Vote on Corporate Accountability: Daily Brief

Plus: why it's so difficult for Bangladeshi women to get justice; more European kids in Syria camps than people in Guantanamo; freedom of association is a human right; redress in Zimbabwe; Black Friday's environmental footprint; and a reminder that civilians are not targets.

On Sunday, Swiss citizens have the chance to require Swiss companies to introduce human rights and environmental safeguards to their global business practices. Voting in favor of the proposal brought by the Responsible Business Initiative could help improve the lives of many workers and communities around the world.

Violence against women and girls is so pervasive in Bangladesh, it is sometimes dismissed as unsolvable. "16 Days of Activism", an annual international campaign in which governments and activists come together to address violence against women and girls, is happening right now - government and donors should listen to activists who are offering workable solutions.

There are more European children held in northeast Syria's detention camps than people in Guantanamo, a new Rights and Security International report finds.

Freedom of association is a human right. Amazon should let its workers unionize.

"Justice has been done" in Zimbabwe, where a family whose child was unlawfully killed, got redress.

Today is Black Friday, a day to reflect on how global overconsumption is negatively affecting the environment. You can find all of HRW's work on environment and human rights here.

And a reminder to all parties in all wars: civilians must never be targets.